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BOWIE by MICKROCK is an original multimedia exhibition featuring photographic works, music, videos, films and documentaries along an immense exhibition hall of 3,000m2.


It is based on the creation of Ziggy Stardust and the reinventions of Bowie throughout his career. Not only was Mick Rock the photographer who portrayed the musician from his initial debut, but was also a creative partner in the gestation and image of the star who would change the history of music forever.


The documentary film "Shot!" was launched at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016 in New York City and then at the London Film Festival a month later.

Two of the original videos that are shown in the vintage format (16mm) are "Space Oddity" and "Life on Mars", among other short films created by Mick Rock for David Bowie as 'John, I'm Only Dancing’ and 'Jean Genie'


The exhibit also contains texts, letters and manuscripts of David Bowie among many materials of Mick Rock’s personal archive.

The show was launched worldwide at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles, California, in October 2015 along with the book "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust" which sold out within a few days from its release. 


Both the exhibition and the book became a historical event from their outset. Months later, David Bowie would leave this world and the work of Mick Rock would become an itinerant sanctuary for the millions of followers of one of the greatest geniuses in the whole planet earth.

The exhibition at Taschen Gallery

Los Angeles, California. Sept 2015

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Lennon-NYC official exhibition is a multimedia show featuring over 100 original big-scale photographs by Bob Gruen, John Lennon’s personal friend and photographer who portrayed him resulting in one of the most intimate and honest collection of images in the last ten years of life, with his partner Yoko Ono, in New York City. 


The exhibit contains documentary films, music, original vintage videos, a replica of Imagine's circle in the center of the room, a timeline, large images throughout the space and visual effects in the interior and exterior of the gallery.


“Lennon, The New York years”, official book of the exhibition by Bob Gruen (which has been published in five languages) and “See, Hear Yoko” are also available for purchase within the gallery. 


An official catalog of 120 pages is made locally for each exhibition, available for sponsors, press and for purchase for the public.

Lennon-NYC shows as well original objects and pieces from the photographer's personal archive, official merchandising, memorabilia, among many other materials.


Along with the exhibition, in every city, several events such as cocktail-parties, official opening, press conference with the photographer, open talks and interviews by Bob Gruen have place; this in an unique opportunity for the photographer to share with the public his personal experience with John Lennon.


The John Lennon show by Bob Gruen was first performed in the city of Buenos Aires in June 2013 at the Recoleta Cultural Center. This exhibition was an unprecedented event as it quickly became the historical record show for Argentina with more than 400,000 visitors in three weeks.

Oficial release

Buenos Aires City

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The exhibition at Page Six

New York Post, July 2013

La muestra / homenaje cuenta con la participación de los mas grandes fotógrafos de rock de la historia que retrataron a la banda: Bob Gruen, Mick Rock, Roberta Bayley, Danny Fields, David Godlis, Ian Dickson, Gus Stewart, Ed Perlstein, George DeBuse, Chris Stein entre otros.


Participan también diez fotógrafos, argentinos, artistas que poseen material inédito sobre The Ramones en Buenos Aires que nunca ha sido visto ni publicado.


Ramones Exhibition tiene además 20 Dibujos/obras Originales de Dee Dee Ramone, Vestuario e Instrumentos musicales originales de la banda y cuenta con la participación y el apoyo de The Ramones Museum de Berlín y el museo itinerante de The Ramones que se presentó en el estado de Queens-NY en el 2015. 


Una parte de esta exhibición se presentó en el mes de septiembre de 2015 en el emblemático Chelsea Hotel, que se reabrió, por única vez, especialmente para esta ocasión.


Por parte de los artistas que participaron de ese gran evento surgió la idea de llevar adelante un homenaje histórico a esta banda irrepetible en la ciudad que ellos mismos eligieron: Buenos Aires.


Para ello Access Creative Agency comenzó a trabajar en la convocatoria  de las personalidades mas significativas para la historia de The Ramones: fotógrafos, periodistas y artistas de Nueva York de los años 70’s, al mismo tiempo que realizó un llamado a los fotógrafos argentinos y de países de la región que han retratado a la banda a lo largo de toda su trayectoria.


Esta muestra homenaje se presentará - luego de lanzada en Buenos Aires - en la ciudad de Nueva York a fines del año 2018 como un hecho inédito para el ámbito cultural de la República Argentina.

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